ConsenSys Grants Hackathon-Toronto will be taking place from August 16th - August 18th. The goal of this hackathon is to bring together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to come up with solutions that will improve the developer and user experience in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Please note that this is not an overnight hackathon.


To be eligible to particiapte at our hackathon, you will need to:

  1. Be 18+ to participate. However, waivers are granted to individuals under the age of 18. You must have the waiver signed before attending the hackathon.
  2. Apply here to secure your spot-


Build your project along one of these tracks. Challenges for each track will be announced on August 16th.

  • Infrastructure L1 and L2
    • Challenge: In order for Ethereum to be utilized by billions of people, critical infrastructure (i.e., scaling solutions) still needs to be built out. Come up with a solution that will help improve the scalability, privacy, or interoperability of Ethereum. 

  • Education and Technical Knowledge
    • Challenge: Help improve the onboarding experience of new and existing developers through tutorials or educational tools for developing with the Web3 Stack.

  • Usability and Dev Tooling
    • Challenge: Continue to support the Ethereum developer ecosystem and enhanced user experiences by building tools that will improve developer kits and create friendlier user experiences.

  • Social Impact
    • Challenge: Ethereum has the infrastructure built to tackle pressing social issues. Leveraging the power of Ethereum, create a solution that enables the betterment of society and/or democratizes public access to resources.

  • Security
    • Challenge: Altering published smart contracts is impossible because blockchains are immutable. As a result, attackers prey on smart contracts with vulnerabilities. Create a solution that improves the developer experience with security on Ethereum.


What do you need to submit?

1. Gitbhub repo link to your project

2. Pitch deck (3-5 slides max) that explains the following:

  • The real-world problem that your team is trying to solve for
  • A clear explanation of your team’s solution and how it addresses the challenge
  • An overview of the benefits of your team’s solution
  • The relevance of blockchain technology and why a blockchain solution is more suitable than standard database technologies


What do you need to present?

  1. Explain your project and the solution it provides
  2. Give a live demo of the project you've built
  3. Have your Github repo and pitch deck ready in case judges have questions

To be eligible for our hackathon prizes, projects will need to be submitted on devpost before August 18th, 10:30AM ET. 

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$CAD3,000 in prizes

1st Place

First place will win $1,500 in ETH

Second Place

Second place will win $1,000 in ETH

Third Place

Third place will win $500CAD in ETH

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


John Adler

John Adler

Igor Lilic

Igor Lilic

Karima Williams

Karima Williams

Judging Criteria

  • People
    Entrepreneurial Spirit, Complementary Superpowers, Long term commitment
  • Product
    Product Fit, User Experience/Design, Technical Difficulty, Innovation
  • Potential
    Sustainability, Quality of Implementation, Validation and Feasibility

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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